Smart Repair Company ltd - Alloy Wheel Refurbishment                  TEL:01244 683283
We offer a service to straighten your wheel,We would require the wheel for 1 day as this is a slow process.
Wheel only £50.00 plus VAT
removal of tyre refit valve and balance £10 plus VAT

If we are unable to straighten your wheel to a standard you will be charged 
an assessment fee £15 plus VAT

*our standard is >2mm run out*
If you have cracked your wheel we can have it welded onsite carried out by our qualified commercial welder.
Please be aware a wheel will not be welded if we feel it will be unsafe.
COSTINGS per wheel
1 crack £50.00 plus VAT
upto 3 cracks £75.00 plus VAT
max 4 cracks £100.00 plus VAT

tyre valve and balance £10.00 plus VAT
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you for looking.
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